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Pathfinder npc treasure

Pathfinder npc treasure


Unextraordinaire NPC Class

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Return to Freeport, Part One: Curse of the Brine Witch

Its an NPC World

Writing With Style: An Editor's Advice for RPG Writers

Treasure NPC gear (leather armor, light wooden shield, short sword, short bow with 20 arrows, other treasure)

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BUNDLE of Pathfinder Bestiary 4 Pawns Box and 4 Base Assortment Packs plus a Treasure Chest Button

Paizo Inc.

Paizo Inc.

Fantasy Grounds - Pathfinder RPG - Mummy's Mask AP 6: Pyramid of the Sky Pharaoh (PFRPG) on Steam

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: GameMastery Guide Pocket Edition: Paizo Staff: 9781601259493: Amazon.com: Books

Monster Menagerie: Rise of the Goblinoids

Filling in a rough outline of the maps using the available map tiles I had really started to help out with plot/encounter design. The Town setting took the ...

This will auto-generate every time you refresh the table (F9) with fresh shop and NPC data from the other sheets.

Basic Room

Building Awesome NPCs Bundle I

101 Npc Boons (PFRPG)

By V Shane

Human Knight Fighter - Pathfinder PFRPG DND D&D d20 fantasy

On Page 2 it will generate weighted shop inventories for each major shop type. If you want a shop to have more inventory, you simply copy one of the rows ...

m npc Merchant of Potions Scrolls & Rare Books Cloak traveler urban city

Dungeons & Dragons, Game aid, Treasure Cards.

... a quick look at one of the most popular adventuring environments, the dungeon. These labyrinths, full of death traps, starving monsters, and treasure ...

Pathfinder Dungeons and Dragons NPC Sheet by cheese1112t

Illustrations by Jorge Fares and Kent Hamilton.

Hill Giant NPCs


Despite knowing that it's never a good idea to split the party, the rogue scouts ahead and gets ambushed by some goblins, only to find evidence of their ...


By William McAusland (Outland Arts)

Pathfinder Community Sheet

Handling D&D Treasure Troubles: Tips for Counting Coppers

Trying to catch up to his buddy, the barbarian cautiously looks at a puzzling rune glowing on the floor of the dungeon corridor.

D&D treasure troubles share the loot Waterdeep Dragon Heist

Screenshots (2)

Screenshots (1)

My compilation of hill giant NPCs in the style of the Monster Codex went over pretty well, so in the same spirit I've created eight mind flayer NPCs for ...

Amazon.com: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: NPC Codex Box (Pathfinder Pawns): Jason Bulmahn, Paizo Staff: Toys & Games

Rappan Athuk (PFRPG)

NPC Halfling Servant Valet Pathfinder D&D

Ultimate NPCs: Skulduggery

The Grande Temple of Jing (Pathfinder/Fantasy RPGs)

Fantasy Grounds - Pathfinder RPG - Mummy's Mask AP 5: The Slave Trenches of Hakotep (PFRPG) on Steam

As they move through the dungeon, the adventurers find a crystal skull set atop a pillar in a room lit by a few candelabras.

Everyman Minis: Gnoll Options

How to Find Bandits Treasure Chamber in Black Desert Online | Black Desert Online

Ultimate NPCs: Skulduggery Character Sheet Collection

20 Random Treasure Parcels

For the ...

male Traveling Merchant Slave; can be used to help locating treasures n breeding while together on road;;;;;; ArtStation - Outlander, Kirill Altynbaev

These goblins are born of dark energies, and are immediately identifiable by the flames that dance in their mouths. They are immune to fire and gain a bite ...

Fantasy Grounds - Pathfinder RPG - Mummy's Mask AP 1: The Half-Dead City (PFRPG) on Steam

Rares and Treasures in Frostfire Ridge

Plus, we'll have a Pirates and Plunder chapter where YOU have the chance to bring a whole pirate world to life with characters and pirate captains and crews ...

Ultimate NPCs: Skulduggery Character Card Deck

Npc, traveling merchant. Maybe stock up and check inventory when you find him

And the rogue continues to get into trouble, but thanks to his training he's able to dodge out of the way of some floor spikes, a wall blade, ...

An exciting collection of pirate adventures, heroes, treasure, and more for aquatic adventure

Craft your own Pathfinder Face Cards

Aspis agent

Fantasy Grounds - Pathfinder RPG - Mummy's Mask AP 6: Pyramid of the Sky Pharaoh (PFRPG) on Steam

Paizo Publishing, LLC Dwarf Evoker character design for Paizo Publishing's Pathfinder NPC Codex.

Starfarer's Codex: Horrifically Overpowered Feats

Abandoned Temple by Maciej Zagorski (The Forge Studios)

X Marks the Spot: Add $200 to design your very own treasure map, which will be professionally illustrated and embellished, plus you get up to 300 words to ...

In this first picture, a few adventurers check out a dungeon room where some statues stand in alcoves and an open tomb is in the center of the floor.

iPhone Screenshots

Lot D&D minis and Pathfinder DnD Monsters NPCs Characters Hellhound Dog Skeleton

These Areas are for you to manually fill in with whatever info you choose.

Shadowmoon Valley Treasure Map

One of the most time honored adventure hooks is the treasure map. Essentially they exist to get characters from point A to point B, maybe with a little ...

Pathfinder PZO1030 Ruins of Azlant Pawn Collection (Paizo) Key Monsters & NPCs

Pathfinder Playtest

Free Download: NPC Record Sheet

Tabletop Simulator

For NPCs and Shop names ...

Small Treasure Hoard by William McAusland (Outland Arts)

Raging Swan Press

How to Find the Treasury Advisor in Pathfinder: Kingmaker | Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Screenshots (10)

Skirmisher Publishing

(Not pictured because I only just now thought of it... When using some of the pawns for tables and altars, you could set them up on a couple of 6-sided dice ...

rogue treasure hunter

NPC servant

... Ultimate NPCs: Warfare Character Sheet Collection

Lastly, the adventurers make it back home. The barbarian wipes his feet on the rug, while the rogue goes to sit at his cluttered desk (I have such a desk in ...

Changing the Narrative: The Evolution of the D&D Adventurer's League