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Elephant poaching facts

Elephant poaching facts


7 Amazing Facts About Elephants That Make Poaching Even Worse

10 things you need to know about elephant poaching

Martin Harvey / WWF-Canon

Poaching Facts

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Elephant Poaching


Elephant poaching. Protect the #environment #sustainability

Elephant Poaching

Elephants-Agony and Ivory


Effects of poaching on African elephants

Poachers are killing almost 35,000 elephants a year as illegal ivory trade spirals out of control in Africa - World News - Mirror Online

World Elephant Day info

The first ivory burn in Nairobi, Kenya, 1989. Source: AardvarkSafaris.com

IFAW's J. Leask on the 20th Anniversary of the Ivory Trade Ban

Elephants graphic

[12]; Interesting Elephant Tusk Fact

African elephants.

Elephant Poaching - how it works and why hunting is needed to save animal poplulations in Africa - YouTube


Infographic: Elephant Poaching in Botswana Shoots Up | Statista

6 ways to help elephants

Some facts: Elephant poaching in the south; Graphic courtesy: The Times of India, Aug 13 2015

The scientists find no scientific basis for the dramatic assertion that 87 elephants have been poached

African savanna elephant


A prostitute poses with a rhino on Steyl's reserve. Credit: Freeland.org

... sadly our elephants may soon become extinct

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elephant poaching - Chady Lolosoli 950x

Poachers Decimate Tanzania's Elephant Herds

Elephants on the path to extinction - the facts | Environment | The Guardian

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Elephant Poaching

Skin poaching of Asian elephants, a crisis unfolding in Myanmar, could crush the species | PBS NewsHour

African Elephants

Image result for why elephant poaching is bad. "

The last hope for elephants: Can a Chinese law help stop the slaughter in Africa

10 Shocking Facts About How the Illegal Wildlife Trade Drives Species Extinction

WWF's Ming Yao on why China's ivory trade ban matters

11 Facts About Poaching Animals

Infographic: The Ivory Trade in Numbers | Statista

KEY FACTS AND FIGURES. Thailand has the world's largest unregulated ivory ...


10 facts you should know about elephant poaching

Elephant herd in distance.JPG. Information; Facts About Poaching ...

A government ivory stockpile in Zimbabwe: Photo: AFP/Desmond Kwande

A 12-year old elephant takes a drink in Kruger National Park, South Africa

Opened in November 2104, Wingabaw conservation camp north of Yangon in Myanmar has become home

Facts about Elephants: Endangered Elephants in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania

For Now, Trump to Keep Ban on Importing Elephant TrophiesFor Now, Trump to Keep Ban on Importing Elephant Trophies

Ivory Poaching Infographic

Elephant Herd Walking Across African Plain

Forest Elephant, Conkouati-Douli National Park, Republic of Congo

How Nonprofit Organizations & African Countries Use GPS Tracking to Fight Elephant Poaching

Botswana poaching spree sees 90 elephants killed in two months

Infographic: The illegal ivory trade in the US

Elephant Family

Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images


Elephants in Amboseli National Park, Kenya

10 Shocking Facts About How the Illegal Wildlife Trade Drives Species Extinction

African Elephant Facts: Family of Endangered Elephants on the Move in Tarangire National Park,

Six facts about elephant families

Elephant Tusks


About 100,000 elephants have been killed by poachers in just three years. The population of African Elephants has dropped by 64% in a decade.

Ivory Poaching

Save Our Elephants - Infographic

All elephants grow tusks.

African Bush Elephants

17 Elephant facts you need to know

Big elephant with babies

Interactive Link on Ivory Trade

Here are 18 facts about our favourite animal, the elephant.

Elephant habitats are under threat and their ivory becomes more valuable every year. Photograph: Athit Perawongmetha/Reuters

Elephants in Samburu National Park, Kenya

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Elephant Poaching

Dr. Chase weighs in with Facts

Rhino poaching is at an all-time high.

Elephant Tusks

Reduce the demand

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Elephant poaching does more to the surrounding ecosystem than initially thought.